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Initial Clean

Are you tired of looking at mounds of dust everywhere and that unpleasant cakey stuff on top of that old refrigerator you haven’t used in a decade?

✓ This is a top to bottom deep clean in every nook and cranny of the barn. Includes cobweb removal, dusting, scrubbing walls, refreshing stalls, organization + more!

$50 per hour


Cobweb Removal

Is your barn looking extra sticky?


✓ Includes areas such as

rafters, stall fronts, stall walls, entry ways, offices, bathrooms,

tack, and feed rooms.

$50 per hour


Maid Service

Do you have one particular area in mind that could really use some TLC?

✓ Can include things like conditioning tack, organizing the feed room, spreading manure,

painting/staining, or sprucing up the office.

$50 per hour



Do you have a tack or feed room needing an extra pair of eyes?

✓ Includes dusting, labeling, and reordering areas.


$50 per hour


Barn Boosts

Are you looking for regular maintenance and upkeep?

✓ Includes cobweb sweeps, maintenance of common areas, organization + more.


Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance schedules available.

Price is dependent on maintenance schedule.

** Important note - Our pricing works in a way where we can prioritize areas that fit to your liking while also fitting within your budget. Our hourly rates are per man hour, not per singular hour. The total remains is the same, this just allows us to get the job done in half the time for the convenience of our clients.

In the same manner, we accomplish as much as we can in the time frame allotted to us. If you have any questions as to how many hours to choose, please state that in a contact form through selecting the "BOOK" button under our services tab and we can give an estimated timeframe to choose fitted to your project.


Again, we work per hour, and are finished at the end of the chosen timeframe unless other wise discussed at time of job or if more hours are wanted.

What Our Clients Say

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 7.21.01 PM.png

Wanda B.

"Jordan did an excellent job cleaning the cobwebs from my barn rafters. This was no easy task since they had been there for years! She has a great work ethic and attitude. I highly recommend her to give your barn the TLC it needs!"
Community Kitchen Garden


10% of all profits go to our Gift-a-Hand Program to serve local non-profits

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