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10% of all profits go to our Gift-a-Hand Program to serve local non-profits


Jordan Weaver

Jordan Weaver is a 4th year BAS student at College of Central Florida with a degree in business and organizational management and a specialization in equine studies. Her love for horses comes from fond memories of horseback riding lessons and feeding ponies carrots during her travels with her dad as a young girl. It wasn’t until later in life that she decided to volunteer working on a horse farm which then led her to pursue a deeper education and devotion to the animal of the horse. Since then, she has volunteered and worked in several barns including lesson + boarding, nonprofits, sport + competition, and hobby farms as well as indulged in mentorships for on the ground training and lunging, and a practitioner certification in Equine - Facilitated Learning and Coaching (EFLC). As a mother to two little boys and a demand for flexibility, next to her education and field of expertise, Lend-a-Hand was born as a solution for farm and horse owners as much as it was for her children.


Jordan spends much of her time under contract barn sitting, doing barn deep cleans and routine maintenance, and facilitating EFLC sessions. Her roots to spirituality, connection to the earth, and a thorough understanding of equine behavior and physiology unify in her thoughtful approach to training, cleaning, and session facilitation methods. You can find more information under the cleaning solutions & goals tab to learn how she incorporates different modalities such as homemade natural cleaning solutions, boundary setting, and energetic awareness into the LAH procedures and philosophy. Jordan’s mindful approach to horses as sentient beings with lessons to teach, minds that think, and individual bodies with different sensitivities eliminates the standardized approach to working with and around horses. Her ever-growing desire to help people and horses in respectful and compassionate ways is the backbone of Lend-a-Hand Barn Services and part of the reason you should ALWAYS call Lend-a-Hand when you are seeking an extra one.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out and your consideration for supporting a small business.


LAH Team

Tack Room


Whether you’re down a hand, needing an extra one, or yours are just stinkin’ tired, Lend-a-Hand is your go-to for all your equine needs!

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